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Client Case Studies

Case Studies

Each one of our projects is bespoke and customized based on the needs of the client. These case studies are a reflection of some of the projects we have worked on.

The Banking Sector is Immensely Complex

A leading global bank approached The Strategists to design and facilitate a strategy session for their board and exco. The bank has a favourable competitive position, but was facing headwinds from new competitors, and rapid changes in the banking industry.

Oppenheimer Memorial Trust

The Strategists were approached by the Oppenheimer Memorial Trust  to build a long-term strategy from 2022 to 2025 and to propel South Africa into the future.

Re-Energising the Energy Sector

Developing innovation is a daunting task for any firm. The Strategists not only aimed to create a plan for the way forward, but also a method to integrate strategic thinking, innovative planning and an innovation focused, corporate culture vertically throughout the firm.

Digital Transformation at The University of Pretoria

Digitising a long-standing industry is a daunting task. With so many practices and approaches already implemented in a manner that seeks no renovation, applying an innovative approach to streamlining tasks, administration and operations can only be done through the use of technology.

Proactive Adaptation for a Conglomerate

The management of a firm operating in a single industry is already complex. Doing so for an overseas conglomerate that operates throughout multiple industries is as complex as it gets.

Developing Strategy for a Logistical Giant

Logistics are not only an integral part of any firm, they also fulfil a major contribution to a country’s ability to transport goods, deliver packages and automate the commerce transfers on a national scale.

Revitalisation at a leading FMCG retailer

We were approached by a retail group that is nationally renowned for excellent products at an affordable price range. To implement their rationale “As good as the Best for Less,” The Strategists team was brought on board for a unique development initiative within their national strategy.

Innovation within the Insurance industry

We are moving into a discontinuous, disruptive, digital world underpinned by rapid disintermediation and sector shifts. Large firms and industries as a whole are faced with developing this muscle and building an innovation culture that adapts and overcomes while also remaining profitable and seeing growth.

Retaining Talent in the Banking Sector

The financial sector faces an immense challenge in retaining and attracting talent. One of the leading banks in the country approached The Strategists to receive an intervention to solve this issue internally.

Innovation for South African Telecommunications

Large firms existing within the technological sphere of influence have been strong-armed into creating long-lasting innovative practices as part of their daily tasks and duties. 

Developing a BBB-EE Inclusive Supply Chain

The Strategists were approached by a large real estate organisation to aid in the development of their inclusive BBB-EE approach toward supply chain management based on legislative requirements and the overall shift to inclusivity across the country.

Building a plan in the Branding and Marketing Industry

With consistently fluctuating trends and evolutions within marketing, maintaining a grasp and balancing profit over output can be overwhelming for any marketer. A leading firm in the Branding and Marketing industry approached The Strategists with the requirements of developing a fully-fledged, end-to-end marketing strategy.

Designing a Three-Day Virtual Global Module for 300+ MBA Students

Our firm was approached by GIBS to aid in developing a provocative set of modules for over 300 students.

An International Immersion for the FoodBev industry

The Strategists aimed to expose members of the SETA to the globalised FoodBev markets through physical experience. A well-crafted program catering to every distinct area of the SETA was developed and implemented.

TETA Immersion to Dublin

The Transport Education Authority of South Africa is one of the 21 SETA’s of South Africa which determines the skill development and economic education of the transport industry. 

Scaling to New Heights: Airport Authority

Thank you for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to assist us in de-cluttering strategy. You have this innate ability to cut through the clutter and provide much needed focus and clarity.

This Can’t Be Retail

Having done extensive work globally on the future of retail, we were approached with helping a company to proactively adapt to the changing context of the retail sector.

Building an Innovation Function for a Leading FMCG Company

The Strategists were approached by a leading FMCG company to build an innovation function for the organisation.

Banking For The Future

A leading global bank approached The Strategists to design and facilitate a strategy session for their board and exco.

How healthy is our future?

We were asked by a global medical company to do a virtual speaker series to bring 2000 leaders along the journey on the future of healthcare.

Beyond Finance

We were approached by a London-based FMCG company to curate 4 webinars for 4 500 finance staff on the finance of the future.

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