Regarding Innovation

We do a significant amount of work on the interplay between strategy and innovation. The pace of change necessitates a timely, proactive response for organisations to remain relevant and competitive. To equip our clients to do this, we provide a bouquet of services to inculcate and amplify innovation in their organisation.

Amplifying innovation

Depending on the needs and innovation maturity of our clients, we can offer a bespoke approach that will work for them. Broadly, this may include a combination of our innovation capabilities:

  • Innovation strategy and roadmap;
  • Innovation policy and governance;
  • Innovation challenges in the entire organisation
  • Innovation management and tools;
  • Innovation hackathons and cross-organisation challenges;
  • Innovation reward and recognition;
  • Innovation lab design;
  • Innovation experiential learning journeys (locally and internationally);
  • Innovation strategy implementation support;
  • Innovation masterclasses;
  • Technology enablement to innovation;
  • Innovation culture change; and
  • Innovation advisory and skills transfer.
  • Facilitating innovation for specific problems

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