Regarding Innovation

We do a significant amount of work on the interplay between strategy and innovation. The pace of change necessitates a timely, proactive response for organisations to remain relevant and competitive. To equip our clients to do this, we provide a bouquet of services to inculcate and amplify innovation in their organisation.

Amplifying innovation

Abdullah leads a specialized team that has built innovation functions within numerous companies around the world. His team is widely recognised for creating ambidextrous organisations which are able to focus on delivering on the current strategy, while proactively adapting to the future.

Abdullah’s role allows him to drive the innovation function to make certain that it does not impact the daily reality of the organisation, while still ensuring that organisations are gearing for the future.

What is the value add for your company?

  • A fully functional innovation capability that is embedded within the culture and DNA of an organisation
  • Innovation governance, policies, training, hackathons, challenges, CEO awards etc.
  • Alignment between strategy and innovation
  • Latest thinking on innovation culture, capability development and implementation

Customising your advisory role:

  • Setting up innovation function/s
  • Innovation policy, governance and frameworks
  • Innovation training and masterclasses
  • Innovation challenges (team specific or companywide)
  • Innovation hackathons and implementation
  • Innovation M&E

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