The Strategists


The Innovation conundrum:

As change accelerates, innovation and ambidexterity have become the oxygen of organisations. Innovation and strategy work in tandem to create an effective business case.

At The Strategists, we do a significant amount of work on the interplay between strategy and innovation. We aim to equip our clients into being proactive and responsive to their environments to remain innovative through the formulation of innovation functions.

How we amplify innovation

The Strategists are a specialized team that has built innovation functions within numerous companies around the world. We are recognised for creating ambidextrous organisations which can focus on delivering current strategy, while proactively adapting to the future needs and changes in a corporate environment.

The innovation team of The Strategists focuses on creating executable innovation-oriented practices that hone in on a firm’s corporate strategy, leveraging resources to orient a future-based approach to corporate, and environmental impacts.

Our team aims to create internal innovation functions that not only deliver but also synergise with the overall corporate strategy of your firm.

What does the process look like?

Setting up innovation functions

Developing innovation policy, governance, and frameworks

Innovation training and masterclasses

Designing, managing and running in house at innovation challenges
(team-specific or company-wide)

Utilising innovation hackathons and implementation

Innovation Monitoring and Evaluation

What is the added value for my company?

A fully functional innovation capability that is embedded within the culture and DNA of an organisation

Innovation, governance, policies, training, hackathons, challenges and CEO awards.

Alignment between strategy and innovation

Developing the latest thinking on innovation culture, capability development, and implementation.

To see our work in practice, view some of our client’s experiences and what they have to say