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is a boutique strategy and advisory firm with deep expertise and experience in the areas of strategy facilitation, innovation, advisory and research. We have worked with numerous global multinationals, listed firms, small, medium and large companies and governments around the world.

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Our Service Offering

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Strategy design and facilitation:

The Strategists has designed and facilitated numerous strategy engagements for boards and leadership teams. Our experience in designing numerous strategy interventions in various sectors has given us the reputation for co-crafting world class strategy design, facilitation and outputs.



We have built significant expertise in the interplay between strategy and innovation. If strategy is the map, innovation is the fuel. Using global and local best practice, we help companies design and implement end to end innovation functions. This includes training, workshops, innovation challenges, an innovation management tool, design of innovation rooms, setting up of innovation advisory boards and committees, innovation advisory.


Executive education:

Having designed international learning journeys and immersions in over 50 countries globally our team have the expertise and experience to design and implement learning experiences around the world. We believe that immersions serve as powerful enablers to deepen awareness, understanding and global learning.


Keynote presentations:

Our leaders are widely sought for their cutting edge, relevant and fresh perspectives. We speak globally at conferences, events, business schools and companies.


Advisory and research:

Our team plays an active role in advising organisations in the areas of strategy, public policy, stakeholder engagement, economic and political insights and market positioning.

We also play an active role in conducting timely and relevant research.

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Client Case Studies

Each one of our projects is bespoke and customized based on the needs of the client. These case studies are a reflection of some of the projects we have worked on.

Banking for the future

A leading global bank approached The Strategists to design and facilitate a strategy session for their board and exco. The bank has a favourable competitive position, but was facing headwinds from new competitors…

Building an innovation function for a leading FMCG company

The Strategists were approached by a leading FMCG company to build an innovation function for the organisation.

Our team co-crafted a bespoke…

Scaling to new heights: Airport authority

Thank you for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to assist us in de-cluttering strategy. You have this innate ability to cut through the clutter and provide much needed focus and clarity…

This can't be retail

Having done extensive work globally on the future of retail, we were approached with helping a company to proactively adapt to the changing context of the retail sector…


What Our Clients Say

Feedback from clients we’ve worked with

“We constantly faced concerns around our future relevance and impact. The Strategists designed a structured and very well thought through strategy formulation process. With deep industry insights, impactful facilitation and the ability to navigate organisational complexity, The Strategists allowed us to walk out with a clear and well-defined strategy. The team has a clear sense of the immediate battle plan as well as the longer terms strategic priorities”
A Leading global bank
Feedback from the group head of strategy
“Thank you for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to assist us in de-cluttering strategy. You have this innate ability to cut through the clutter and provide much needed focus and clarity. But you do this through skilful facilitation and not presentation. You certainly allowed us to drive the conversation around KPI alignment against a backdrop of our leading, top priorities. Thank you for the inspiration and the meticulous guidance through this journey. The role you continue to play with the team and I is highly appreciated. Thank you for stretching our thinking, our ability to think outside of the box and to reduce this to critical, and yet sometimes small innovations to get us the desired impact and result.”
Feedback from the head of airport authority
“I cannot thank you enough for the last 18 months. You came in, when innovation was a word, and you left with innovation as a culture and part of our DNA. You have re-energised the organisation. We have already implemented projects from the first CE challenge, with fantastic ROI. Keep up the incredible work and the passion for innovation as the oxygen to strategy”
Feedback from the CEO
“WOW! At a time when we felt quite overwhelmed, The Strategists provided deep insight into our sector, the cognitive mindsets of our clients, the impact of technology as well as how to navigate all of this complexity. We came in confused but left with a sense of purpose, an exciting strategy that has really shifted the market and a unified team. I am truly grateful”
Feedback from the CEO

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