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Lisa Botes


Lisa Botes

Expertise: Strategy Design | Innovation | Consultancy Amplified

Lisa Botes, a part-time faculty member at GIBS as well as an experienced business consultant specialising in strategy development and innovative problem-solving. She has worked extensively at functional and business levels across numerous sectors such as financial, medical, mining, oil and gas, IT, and education. She has been in consulting for twelve years, running her own consulting practice for seven years, and is a pivotal associate of The Strategists.

Her career spans years of management experience, consultancy, and the practice of marketing strategy. A loving mother and wife, Lisa can approach any situation with a personal touch, leaving an impact on every encounter she takes part in.

History and Development

After obtaining her MBA and receiving accreditation as a Strategic Management Professional via the Association for Strategic Planning in Canada, Lisa has proven quite the track record in the theoretical space regarding strategic thinking, problem-solving, and management understanding. The adaptation of this theoretical knowledge is backed by her exponential experiences in various industries and work environments.

From planning electrical infrastructure to being part of an executive committee, the work history of Lisa follows a diverse nature. Within her capacity as a board member, Lisa worked within the sales and marketing sector of an industrious firm, however, it wasn’t long until she decided on leveraging her skills and knowledge in the consultancy space.

Notable industries in which Lisa has consulted for include:

  • Medical
  • Retail
  • Mining
  • Agricultural
  • Recruitment
  • Renewable energy
  • Telecom
  • Education
  • IT
  • And more

The Ultimate asset

Lisa is passionate about making sense out of complexity, stretching people’s thinking, sharing her knowledge, and applying theories in ways that are practical. She leads the GIBS online course on Negotiation Skills, drawing on the art of influence and leadership that is significantly embedded in her practice and founded in her experience – from ‘selling’ ideas and contracts to clients, positioning concepts and solutions, and garnering commitment across her client’s organisation.

As a member of The Strategists, Lisa provides exceptional insight into varying industries and business models. Utilizing her expertise in our team creates the perfect strategic partner for strategy, planning, and the overall development of your firm.

Speaking Topics:

  •  Breaking out into Consultancy – A Roadmap to a New Career

    • Consulting, today and in a future world of work;
    • Getting in and rising up as a consultant;
    • Standing out as a consultant;
    • The challenges and benefits of being a consultant; and
    • The ethical dilemmas that consultants face.
  •  Negotiation Skills
  • Strategy and Strategic Planning

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