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Frank Magewgwe


Frank Magewgwe

Expertise: Strategy ExecutionKeynote Speaking CoachingResilience and Personal Development

The Culmination of Perseverance

Frank is a financial planning researcher, life planner, educator, academic, and professional speaker with a passion for helping individuals and families through the development of a sense of purpose and good financial habits.

“Don’t just live,” says Frank. “Thrive!”

The creation of Frank Magwegwe is one of trials and tribulations that inevitably lead to the creation of well-educated thought leader within multiple disciplines and industries across the country.

The Story

Frank began his work journey as a hotel barman which then lead to him being retrenched and unemployed, homeless, and looking for much more in his life. Frank then became a fruit and vegetable vendor within Bloemfontein which allowed him to receive the necessary funding for his attendance at Wits University.

Within four years, Frank began his own private company which, through unfortunate outcomes ended in bankruptcy and left Frank unemployed once again.

Frank, however, did not back down on his dreams and over the next decade, the downward spiral became an extensive upward curve into success.

Between 2002 and 2010, Frank applied true grit to becoming the head of various departments throughout various organisations. Frank did not stop and continued ascending the staircase in the pursuit of education. He attended Harvard business school and become a devoted student within the AMP program. By 2016, Frank had become the CEO of an investment company, COO of a wealth business, and segment CEO of a retail insurance firm.

Starting his own businesses again by the end of 2016 Frank officially succeeded in doing so and began to attract media attention by founding Frankly Speaking and Thrive.

Inevitably Frank obtained his Ph.D. in The USA and now sits as part of the GIBS Institute of South Africa as a lecturer.

The Application of an Incredible Journey

Frank is the perfect candidate for The Strategists. Heading the Resilience and Personal development function of our firm, he provides provocative insights into becoming better and leveraging an internal locus towards success.

Frank utilizes his unique visions and testimony to help any individual, no matter the circumstance.

He is a unique asset for any corporate entity in that he brings a new insight that are oftentimes overseen.

Speaking Topics:

  • Life. Obstacles. You.™
  • Life. Change. You.™
  • Life. Purpose. You.™
  • Life. Wealth. You.™


Mr. Frank Magwegwe,

The Johannesburg City Library would like to thank you for honouring our invitation and being part of the career workshop that took place on the 19th April 2016.

Your presentation has inspired change and captured the attention of all those present.

We appreciate your valuable contribution and your passion for the development of the learners
and youth of our times.

Thank you so much and well done with your inspirational presentation. You have indeed made a
huge impact to the lives of all who attended.

— Gabayo Dorothy Mogotsi, Librarian: Johannesburg City Library (YARL)

Mr. Moyo was an engaging and energetic speaker who mixed personal narrative, comedy and business insights into his message. To his credit, Mr. Moyo tailored his presentation to his African audience with perspectives that were authentic and relevant. The crowd loved his humour and spoke highly of his ability to speak as “one of us”. With his ability to mix African perspectives with universal business trends, Mr. Moyo is a strong option for EMEA events.

Gary Van Prooyen, ISACA (Chicago, US.A), Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Mr Moyo’s presentation was inspiring, motivating and uplifting for all levels of conference delegates.

Margretmary Mushango, President, Institute of Internal Auditors Botswana

What an honour to have such a great speaker.

Alexis Thean, Operations Executive at Salvo Global, Singapore

Siphiwe’s personality is really incredible – he literally made this event great.

Martin Simpkins, Managing Director at Forward Networking, Netherlands

Siphiwe was indeed a moment that mattered at the PEP Africa Leadership Conference 2019. Thanks Siphiwe

Stefan Voges, PEP Africa CEO

Comments from attendees:

  • “A good change ambassador for the bank to help drive the mindset change we need in the bank”
  • “A very inspirational presentation”
  • “A very motivating and Humanising experience”
  • “Absolutely inspiring.”
  • “Amazing guy he really brought his struggles to reality and how we can all overcome”
  • “Amazing story”
  • “Frank has a really inspiring story and he was truly inspirational”
  • “Great talk and really exciting.”
  • “Inspiring to see how real life matters can affect how we define our destiny through small initiative like making the first step”
  • “It makes one realise how fortunate one is to have all capabilites that we don’t utilise to change our lives and the lives of those that are amongst us”
  • “Thought provoking how much you can accomplish by just using your available resources. The importance of mentorship.”
  • “Frank reminded me that anything is possible when you put your mind to it but always give back”
  • “Thought provoking and absolutely amazing. More time for exco session and for us to ask them questions will really add a lot of value”
  • “Truly inspiration…”
  • “Very inspiring showed that greatness comes from both small and big choices and actions”
  • “Very thought provoking and how important mentoring is. Goal setting is essential. Always believe in yourself.”

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