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Tina van der Westhuizen


Tina van der Westhuizen

Expertise: Immersions

Tina Van Der Westhuizen is a seasoned expert in designing Immersive Learning Experiences (ILEs) that propel organizational growth. As the Head of Stakeholder Engagement, she has built a track record of deploying, maintaining, and enhancing process improvement and strategy execution initiatives that deliver outstanding results for clients. Tina’s expertise spans multiple industries, including management consulting, mining, telecoms, manufacturing, broadcasting, government, insurance, transportation, and publishing, giving her a unique perspective on implementing ILEs across any organisation.

As a Senior Project Coordinator and Conference Manager with over 20 years of experience, Tina has honed her skills in change leadership, stakeholder management, and leadership development. She understands the complexities of effective team building, communication, and corporate branding that drive successful project and program outcomes. Her experience has equipped her to effectively capture and convey complex ideas to large and small teams and clients.
With Tina’s wealth of experience, she’s equipped to help organizations leverage the latest know-hows to deliver experiences that positively impacts their employees’ mindset and performance. Her knowledge and expertise can translate into engaging and customized learning experiences that drive results, increase productivity, and improve business outcomes. Reach out to Tina and discover how immersive learning experiences can transform your organization.


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Team Member – Abdulla

Abdullah Verachia

Expertise: Strategy execution, The disruption series, Strategy design, innovation

Team Member – Nazrana Jassat

Nazrana Jassat

Immersions, The Disruptor Series, Coaching, Resilience and Personal Development

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Maryke Moldovanos

Expertise:  The Disruptor Series

Team Member – Frank Magwegwe

Frank Magewgwe

Expertise: Coaching, Resilience and Personal Development , Keynote Speaking, Strategy 

Siphiwe Moyo

Expertise: Leadership, Personal Development, Speaking, Consulting

Lisa Botes

Expertise: Strategy,  Innovation, Consultancy Amplified

Team Member – James Urdang

Mahfooza Hussain

Expertise: Strategy, Coaching