The Strategists

The Disruptor Series

Putting Disruption into action

We have moved into a disruptive, discontinuous, digital world underpinned by rapid shifts in almost every facet of our society.

We bring the Disruptors series to expose you to leading Disruptors series in a unique hybrid format.

The Disruptor series aims to tell the story of nine industry agitating disruptors who share their backgrounds, stories, and where they think the future is heading.

The mechanics:

The series will highlight the stories and personalities of these disruptors through a 60- minute engagement with the leading disruptor in a hybrid format (physical and virtual).

Following this engagement is the opportunity for guests to communicate, network, and engage.

The Disruptor series will be broadcasted both nationally and internationally as well as recorded and condensed into a 60-minute showcase that can be shared with key points highlighted throughout.

The anchor

Hosted and presented by The Strategist’s CEO, Abdullah Verachia, the series will be presented through the guide of an industry specialist and thought leader on the topic of disruption.

Key aspects of the series

Personal journeys and insights from South African disruptors

A 60-minute highlight video with key points from the event itself.

Anchored by global strategist, Abdullah Verachia.

Media releases and thought insights from every session.

A curated book on the experience of the series available at all major book sellers.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on this upcoming series. The wealth of knowledge shared by experience is unmatched in modern times and The Strategists aims to provide a direct experience for you to learn from.