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Nazrana Jassat

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A Passionate partner in Corporate Advisory

Experience and expertise in various fields culminate in the personal background and professional profile surrounding Nazrana. With a master’s degree in Marketing and Business Management and extensive experience working in a variety of industries and across geographies, Nazrana is skilled in crafting and implementing creative, competitive strategies for high-level organisations. Outside of this, Nazrana is also deeply passionate about the thriving individual, working extensively in crafting an approach toward personal coaching and conflict resolution.


With 25 years of experience in communications, strategy development, stakeholder relations, economic development, operations, event/project management, healthcare, wellness, training and development, facilitation, coaching, mentoring, and human behavior, Nazrana has acquired a wealth of knowledge.

Her Experience spans successfully working with street cleaners, CEOs, Celebrities, and in some instances royalty.

Nazrana is a dynamic, creative, and adaptable individual with an ability to be both detail and strategically orientated, and an “uncanny instinct to diagnose”.  The combination of her international corporate and entrepreneurial experience has given her the capacity to operate successfully in different environments, giving her an understanding that few have had the opportunity to develop. 

Nazrana thrives on generating and implementing new ideas and works to the highest professional standards. With a combination of international corporate and entrepreneurial experience, she has provided herself with a firm foundation in cultural awareness.

She has also developed a specialized program called The Barefoot Method which aims for the ultimate culmination of simplicity and daily Personal Mastery, covering stress, anger, conflict, trauma, wellness, and leadership development.

Her personal abilities

During periods of unprecedented change and transition, Nazrana’s ability to remain agile has been one of her biggest strengths. Being able to cope and develop in atmospheres of immense change and instability has given Nazrana the ability to pass on her knowledge to other individuals personally.

Nazrana displays forward-thinking and strategic ability whilst noting the critical importance of the human touch. Her passion lies in building relationships with people and exploring connections with a diverse group of people

Nazrana’s intention is clear.

It is to serve, communicate, educate and build relationships with people and organisations while providing innovative, creative, and strategic solutions suited to any occasion and circumstance.

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Nazrana Jassat

Immersions, The Disruptor Series, Coaching, Resilience and Personal Development

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