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Management becomes

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. From a management standpoint, being the strongest point in the chain link is vital to creating a focused and synergistic team.

The effect of purposeful leadership sees a positive impact on employees that not only creates alignment but sets an exemplar for staff in any organisation to follow.

The Strategists have developed a unique offering that promotes the development of executive leadership in an ever-changing, business environment. Our coaching function aims to provide internal support for leaders in your firm to grow in their skillset and management capacity.

Our coaching team provides a discreet, comfortable, and highly specialized space for the key decision-makers in an organisation to reach their maximum potential.

What can my company expect?

Through a variety of methodologies, the team coaches across many spheres and levels with the central purpose being to align individual and company values for accelerated growth.


Executive Coaching

Enneagram (individual and team)

Team cohesion and efficacy facilitation

Leadership Coaching

High-Performance Coaching

Conflict Coaching

Resilience Coaching

Anger & Stress Coaching

Wellness Coaching

Personal Mastery

Emotional Fitness

The Benefits of the process

Our aim is to generate a creative, productive, and positive work environment for both employees, and leaders. Through the coaching process, we create long-lasting employee engagement, a higher employee retention rate, and an overall increase in organisational performance.

Our team are masters in the art of conscious and inspired conversations aimed at building trust, igniting purpose, accelerating growth, aligning values, fostering accountability, and building resilience.

To see our work in practice, view some of our client’s experiences and what they have to say