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Given our deep work and expertise globally, members of our team are often called to share their insights on topics like strategy, innovation, team motivation, leadership, disruption, and thriving in turbulence. Speakers who talk with authenticity about their own work and lived experiences.

The Strategists provide a wide range of keynote speakers each with their own experiences, expertise, and industries in varying markets. Given this, we can create a customized speaker series or align you to a specific speaker so that the speakers are curated to your strategy and context.

Our deep work in the heart of organisations means that we don’t just provide speakers but ensure that there is thought and methodology behind the rationale for suggesting speakers. We also use our insights to guide teams on the alignment of speakers, the design of your conference or event as well as the special touches that make your event or conference move from good to great.

Our global network gives us the opportunity to curate speakers from across the world.

How does it work?

The execution of strategy takes place in two separate phases.

What is the process?

Keynote Speakers – Strategy Ideas

Speakers for team events, offsites, conferences, and client engagements.

Monthly speaker series over 6,8 or 10 months with a different speaker per month and integration between sessions as well as an overall anchor.

Alignment of speakers to fit your conference theme, agenda, and objective.

Briefing speakers to ensure alignment between the speaker/s and your objective.

Advice on the design, flow, and methodology of your conference or event.

What is the outcome?

Curated conferences, events and speakers series

Deep insight into the integration of speakers and sessions Global network

Global network

An amazing array of speakers that bring their insight and experience to your team event or conference

CASE STUDY: How healthy is our future?

A six-part series to take 2000 staff on a journey of awareness and insight.

We were asked by a global medical company to do a virtual speaker series to bring 2000 leaders along the journey on the future of healthcare.

We provided:

  • A lead integrator who served to knit together all sessions.
  • Six global speakers in the areas of the future of healthcare, technology, leadership, finance in healthcare, disruption and innovation.
  • The session was designed with a keynote anchor per theme, followed by a company speaker, and the lead bringing it all together.
  • A graphic summary and video of all six sessions to reinforce learning.
How Healthy is our Future

CASE STUDY: Beyond finance

Beyond Finance

We were approached by a London-based FMCG company to curate 4 webinars for 4 500 finance staff on the finance of the future.

We designed 4 X 90 minute sessions with speakers focusing on:

  • A retired global CFO talking about the evolution of finance.
  • RPA, AI and machine learnings are enablers and not disruptors to finance.
  • Finance can be creative. Building a creative mindset.
  • Beyond finance: The future skills of a finance leader.


Leveraging Our Network To Educate

The MBA qualification is one that is highly regarded amongst business institutions globally. In order to promote the curriculum and understanding of candidates within the program, an in-depth understanding of the forerunning business practices is required.

Our firm was approached by one of forerunning, business institutions in the country to aid in developing a provocative set of modules for over 300 students within the institution over the period of three days. The goal was to provoke understanding, provide insights and engage with the external thought patterns of the candidates to add immense value to their existing curriculum.

GIBS Case Study

Some of the topics our speakers cover include:

All our talks are deeply customised to your context, theme and objective.

  • Building agile, resilient and innovative companies: How the growth outliers do it

  • The upside of opportunity in a changing world

  • Paths to prosperity: removing the myth from country miracles

  • The audacity to dream

  • Africa: Growth and opportunity

  • Education as a driver of opportunity

  • Organisational Politics

  • Grit, resilience and perseverance

  • From success to significance

  • Disruption amplified: Reset, rewire, reimagine everything

  • When the wind changes, pick up a new map

  • The audacity to dream

  • The intersection of politics, economics and business in Africa

  • Why ACFTA is significant

  • Key Steps to Being Exceptionally You through EQ

  • Why a High Emotional Quotient is Essential to Thrive in a D-VUCAD World

  • Positive Leadership: Putting The People Back Into People Management

  • Forging Ahead In A Tough Economic Environment

  • Leading In Times Of Crisis

  • Future World of Work

  • Life. Purpose. You.™

  • Life. Wealth. You.™

  • Leading in a Crisis & Change

  • How to 'Take Charge' of your journey to the top

  • Building the Coachella of Asia: My journey with WonderFruit

  • The journey of a serial entrepreneur

  • Why I decided to create an African focused board Game. #KingdomBoardgame

  • That time when I changed my handwriting to try to fit in

  • Building residences and doing hard things!

  • What winning the “The Apprentice” South Africa taught me about shame.

  • Get out of your cave! Riding the sun is a much better notion.

  • The Alternative to stagnation is not growth. It’s balance.

  • When there’s an elephant in the room, introduce it.

To see our work in practice, view some of our client’s experiences and what they have to say


Perfect presentation, have definitely given me food for thought. Very very inspired!

Best experience I’ve ever had in 20 years

Loved his energy and he kept us engaged throughout a very long day.

Perfect presentation, have definitely given me food for thought. Very very inspired!

Eye opener to what is happening globally, how we got there and how no-one knows when it will end. Very good!

Presentation was good, keep up the good standard and more importantly you made me to think bigger when looking

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