The Strategists



International executive programs serve as one of the most powerful ways to accelerate awareness, insight, and appreciation of a rapidly evolving global and local context.

Having designed, curated, and led over 200 local and international immersions we have built significant expertise to design extremely powerful international programs. In effect, we immerse leaders into a new context by giving them access to senior leaders, companies, start-ups, organisations, culture and so much more.

We have generated a boutique experience whereby those engaged in a management context can travel to specified locations around the globe where engagement with international industries becomes a physical experience.

The Strategists have curated an opportunity where these stakeholders can not only learn about the global market personally but also engage with the business environment surrounding these firms outside of the localised industry.


Country identification matrix

Pre-departure briefing

Business case studies unique to overseas environments

Presentations by keynote speakers

Visits to leading companies, startups, organisations, leaders and unique experiences

Setting and integration of management sessions

Experiential learning activities

Leisure activities

What value is expected?

Our travel, logistics, and in-country teams provide us with the ability to arrange deeply customised end-to-end international learning journeys

Be involved in a unique, management advance where individuals and teams are able to learn, engage, and expand in the international business environment.

Some Immersions We Have Done Include

Redefining our understanding of social entrepreneurship: A learning journey to India

Operational Excellence in the telco sector: A learning journey for the top 100 executives of a global telco company

Banking on success: London and New York as financial enablers

Digital acceleration: Learning journey for Chief Digital officers to Silicon Valley

Food and beverage in Thailand: A journey for executives in the food and beverage sector to Thailand

To see our work in practice, view some of our client’s experiences and what they have to say