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Angela Powell


Angela Powell

Expertise: Immersions

Professional. Personal. Passionate

Angela is a seasoned stakeholder engagement professional in the learning and development sector. Her career in the adult education space spans three decades and culminates in an individual with knowledgeable, applicable experience in her craft. Her approach toward engagement comes with a finesse unmatched by any other.

Knowledge through Experience

Beginning her work life in the retail industry, Angela discovered that she was capable of substantially more. After applying herself in an extensive way, Angela soon began climbing the corporate ladder in various firms and industries that not only noted her potential but utilized it. Angela however decided she was destined for more and soon got involved in the consultancy industry.

Using her background in consultancy, Angela was able to utilize learned skills and knowledge to leverage her capacity into a management function quite successfully. Serving as an operations manager at multiple firms, her endeavours only grew exponentially.

Her overall experiences and unique approach towards corporate endeavours soon caught the attention of The Strategists and Angela was eagerly adopted as one of the core members of the team, applying her knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs in a manner that not only elevates herself but also every client and stakeholder with whom she engages.

The Engagement philosophy

By engaging and respecting multiple opinions and fulfilling varied expectations, she makes it her business to forge lasting and trusted relationships with internal and external stakeholders alike. Angela’s work finds her straddling day-to-day business continuity essentials, whilst managing small, medium, and large-scale projects under her watch.

Her capacity to understand different perspectives and strong opinions is marked by her undaunted willingness to tackle things head-on in a collaborative manner in order to achieve (often exceed) the intended outcomes of any project or challenge.

Clients, learners, and multiple cross-functional teams are all recipients of her signature collegiality, coupled with her no-nonsense and resolute commitment to getting things done right, the first time, on time, and within budget without compromising on the details are what makes their experiences with Angela lasting and memorable.

Angela’s commercial savvy ensures that the decisions and actions she takes are in line with the performance requisites of her clients, their clients, and suppliers, assuring all of their individual and collective success.

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